ReLaunch Failures & Goals & New Designs

ReLaunch Failures & Goals & New Designs

Our newest design Evaki the Night, is out!!

Designed by Grace and printed on Bella and Canvas shirts with a custom label proudly stating our design as "Mizo Designed."

Evaki is our first shirt in a long time, and one I'm wearing as I write this. I'm incredibly excited to get this relaunch going after a year in development hell in 2022. Mainly due to both Grace and I getting swarmed with our daytime jobs. But you might ask, "But many creatives and business owners do side hustles; what's so hard about this one?"

Well... kids, diabetic cats, working at a software start-up, discussing our products from different timezones (Grace is in Taiwan, and I'm in the USA)... so those are the first excuses.

But honestly, it's all about figuring out the product, making something I would wear nonstop, charging a fair price, and what we wanted to say about Hello Destroyers and why we are willing to work so hard on this project.

So here's our WHY:

All of us (our family) are in 3 different countries, and we want to honor our parents by taking care of them with this business.

They aren't destitute, but the reality is that it's something Grace and I want to give back to our folks. We are their original Destroyers: we shaped their lives in a good and bad way. But all in all, as we get older, we can't help but see that our love for everything came from our parents, allowing us to see the world.

Z's as a family taken in the 1990's

Z family with Grace as a baby

Isn't all business just a way to provide for your family?

Yes! Symbolically, we use art to provide for our parents and thank them for all they've done for us.

Hello, Destroyers is in a better place than ever because we relaunched terribly in 2021, about a year ago, but now we have the chance to try it again after figuring out what we want to do with it.

Much love,
L Biaka Z

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