Talking Design: Evaki The Night

Talking Design: Evaki The Night

Our vampire girl Evaki was created for the spirit of Halloween and all things fun and spooky. A mischievous yet friendly demeanor, her design was made to cater gothic nostalgia from a feminine childhood. Think monster high, winx club, and the craft!

The gothic subculture is timeless in art, music and fashion and is a huge part in my personal upbringing. I wanted to make sure this character is a POC, as dark skinned goths are rarely represented in pop culture media.

It’s often overlooked that goths can come from any culture and heritage no matter which part of the world.

Our fearless Evaki represents a playful pride in being strange and breaking social norms (in a good way.) Self expression plays such a big part in our lives, and that’s the kind of message we want to spread through all our shirts and designs

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